Social Stances

The majority of mixed-race individuals hold liberal positions on important social issues. Fifty-two percent believe that abortion should always be allowed, a higher percentage than any other race. They are also the least supportive of a ban on gay marriage. Multiracial individuals also say that religion is important to them; 70 percent say that religion is “very important” or “somewhat important.”

Mixed-race Americans generally support affirmative action, but their support is much lower than that of African Americans. Whites are overwhelmingly unsupportive.

Multiracial individuals are more supportive of a woman’s right to an abortion than any other racial demographic. Hispanics and whites are the least supportive.

Fifty-seven percent of mixed-race individuals oppose a ban on gay marriage, the highest percentage of any race. African Americans are the only demographic in which a majority supports a ban.

The vast majority of multiracial individuals say that religion is important to them. The group's stance on religion almost exactly mirrors that of whites.

Source: Cooperative Congressional Election Survey 2008
Data and visuals compiled and created by Christopher M. Matthews